20 Best Luxury Christmas Gifts 2022

Luxurious Gifts for the Special Woman in Your Life! Shopping for someone who deserves something truly splurge-worthy? Struggling with where to start on your Christmas gifts for 2022? We found the best luxury gifts to spoil them. The best luxury Christmas gifts for 2021, from designer scarves to men’s aftershave. Hampers and caviar and cashmere, oh my! These are the best gifts to buy for the most stylish person you know this holiday season. 

Hermès Bracelets

  1. Hermès Rivale Mini, 380€

2. Hermès Bracelet Rivale Double Tour, 480€

3. Hermès Bracelet Behapi Double Tour, 295€

4. Hermès Bracelet Kelly Double Tour, 465€

5. Hermès Bracelet Mini Kelly, 380€

Yves Saint Laurent Accessories

6. Yves Saint Laurent Opyum Bracelet Double Tour, 275€

7. Yves Saint Laurent Opyum Bracelet, 225€

8. Yves Saint Laurent Opyum Broche, 395€

9. Yves Saint Laurent Opyum Broche Torsadée, 350€

10. Yves Saint Laurent Belt, 395€

11. Yves Saint Laurent leather card holder, 245€

12. Yves Saint Laurent Pochette Enveloppe, 395€

Celine Accessories

13. Celine Belt Triomphe Small, 330€

14. Celine Belt Triomphe, 430€

15. Celine Bonnet Cachemire Héritage, 290€

Louis Vuitton Accessories

16. Louis Vuitton Travel Pouch GM, 500€

17. Louis Vuitton Fragrance, Coeur Battant, 240€

18. Louis Vuitton Key Pouch, 325€

Dior Accessories

19. Dior Mitzah Toile de Jouy, 470€

20. Dior Earings Tribales, 550€

Hope you enjoy this selection of the 20 best luxury Christmas gifts! Find out more about why investing in luxury items is always a good idea in this article if you are still hesitating in treating yourself this Christmas! Follow me on Instagram for more luxury gifts ideas: @parlezvousvintage

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