Chanel Classic Flap Quota 2022: Info or Intox?

Okay, hold my champagne.

Get ready, this is big news!

Chanel Classic Flap are a statement bag. But how to elevate this bag more than it already is? How to take it to the next level? They were already very valuable bags, and pricey too.
What will happen if this rumor is confirmed on Chanel Classic Flap quota?

Chanel Classic Flap Quote: all you need to know about it

It’s official and it is effective from June 7th, 2022 in the United-States. From this date, shoppers will be restricted to TWO Chanel classic flaps per year. It is becoming an official brand-wide policy. Any color, any size. We can confirm this in the US but we suspect this will be implemented globally. New quota applies to fiscal year 2022. So, you are probably wondering right now: If I have already bought 2 classic flaps’ since the beginning of the year, can I still get my hands on one? Sorry to say so but the answer is no, you are done!

What does this say about Chanels new marketing strategy?

Like Hermès, Chanel is getting more and more exclusive. Mostly due to supply issues, these restrictions are actually not so much of a surprise.  Less availability, it’s what luxury is all about in the end isn’t it? Since the Pandemic, Chanel hasn’t stopped working on its brand identity, now more than ever. With a younger shift in the audience, some changes begun to happen.

Let’s not forget that, during the pandemic, a lot of young people kept their job and were able to work from home without spending so much money as they couldn’t go out. So, they gradually became more interested in luxury and started purchasing items! This is how the younger generation got into the luxury market. Quality over quantity: it’s really the statement that Chanel is following right now.

Chanel e-commerce strategy

With Chanel opening different stores for specific clients, the message is clear that they are looking to elevate the brand to Hermès standards. Chanel definitely doesn’t need an e-commerce strategy. They are actually going completely against it. I guess the biggest challenge is for them to create a “luxurious” experience through online shopping. Personally, I would NEVER order online and get delivered unless I have too. In my opinion, luxury is all about experience and feeling special. Something you will never get online.

Chanel Classic Flap - Chanel cruise 2022- 2023
Chanel Cruise 2022/2023 collection presented in Monaco. 

Chanel announces opening of private stores for top clients

Following up with the recent announcements of Chanel quota, Chanel continues to further its strategy of shoppers stratification. Price and quotas were already one thing but this is taking it to the next level.
Chanel recently announced to open stores solely for VIP shopping, meaning that these boutiques will be for top-spending clients only. Starting in Asia in 2023, this will probably take place all around the world in the following months. What will be the specificities of these boutiques? Probably perks and special benefits on how the distinction will be made between spenders. Also, these VIP clients won’t probably face the same quota problems that the rest of the shoppers entering in “normal” boutique will.

Credit photo: Chanel
Boutique 31, rue Cambon Paris

Chanel Classic Flap Price on the second hand/preloved market

With less availability and fewer new bags on the market, the flap becomes more exclusive, sought-after and valuable. Assuming the flap will be more rare, I would think that the value of your one on the second hand market will slightly increase over time so, hold on to it!

But what if clients react the opposite way to this quota measure? What if they actually get tired of this and turn to another bag or even worse for Chanel, towards another brand. It might be Chanel’s strategy to increase the interests toward other bags of their collection! As you already I am a fan of mini bags and I only own one Chanel Classic Flap that I bought preloved 2 years ago already! You actually have a LOT to choose from in terms of Chanel bags on offer. Look at this cute Chanel Vanity, isn’t it so cute with the lamb leather skin.

I do really love the shades available in the different Classic flap bag, but can we please take a moment to talk about Chanel Gabriel bag?

Chanel “Gabriel” Bag

Might also be a way for Chanel to push its newest “it” bag: The Chanel 22. Let’s take a moment to look at it. I really wonder, what do you guys think about it?

“Chanel 22”

Chanel accused of using the “Peihuo” (配货) sales system like Hermès

If you are not familiar with the luxury bubble, you probably have never heard of the “Peihuo” system. It sounds more complicated than it is. Basically it’s a way where the customer spends more in order to get better access to special items that are not so easily offered by your Sales Assistant. It forces buyers to accumulate transactions to get access to its iconic bags like Hermès Kelly or Birkin.

On the other hand, the brand completely denied these allegation that started in China late 2021. But this clearly makes us wonder, what is behind the quota system at Hermès. Can you really show up one day in store without having any previous purchase history and get your hand on a Kelly? It happens, but very rarely and most of the time you have to wait, wait and wait some more. Although the brand denies its existence, the limited production of its most desired models enables the brand and its sales associates to be extremely selective with how and where they are sold, and of course, who can buy them.

In a sense, Chanel is clearly following in Hermès foot steps and shaping the luxury world of tomorrow.

I would love to have your opinion on this Chanel Classic Flap quotas and how you will react to it? Do you find it discriminatory that Chanel is opening special boutique for certain clients?

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