Chanel Summer Shoes and Dad Sandals Review

Chanel Dad Sandals were the Official Shoe of Summer 2020, will it still be the case in 2021? The fashion world was so enthusiastic about them last year, but let’s be honest: they might have the luxury double C, but the shape is still the same: quite different! Given all the time we’re spending at home in 2020 and everyone craving for comfort, it’s perhaps not a surprise that fashion trends are shifting towards this way.

Chanel Dad Sandales

Golden Pink Chanel Dad Sandales

Image source: Vogue
Image source: Vogue
Image source: Vogue

Dad sandales are a mix of children’s playground sandals, 90’s dad aesthetic, a dash of normcore made luxurious by adding the CC logo on them! What amazed me the most in this dad sandales trend last summer was to see how my mind start to shift after seing them EVERYWHERE. However, worn with different outfit I start liking them after a little while. Likewise, you can actually where them with everything: even with socks! I think these Chanel sandals looks better with jeans, shorts, dress or sweatpants, but everything is allowed. I need to admit that I really like the gold pink ones.
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White Chanel Dad Sandales

Espadrilles, starting at 620€
find more model on the Chanel website

Metallic goatskin ballerinas
Find more colors on the US website here

Last, but not least: the slingbacks. The discret CC on the 0.8 mm heal is so chic.
What will be your go to shoes for summer? These Chanel dad sandals are still a must for Summer 2022, without a doubt!

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