Chanel Factory 5 Collection

What is Chanel Factory 5 collection all about?

2021 marks the 100 of the Chanel number 5 fragrance! As explained in this article, this fragrance has a big story behind it!

Chanel exhibition at the NVG in Melbourne

So in order to celebrate, Chanel Factory 5 is a limited edition created to mark N°5’s 100th year of celebrity! Chanel is offering a 16 products inspired by everyday objects, a reminder that  “wearing N°5 transforms the ordinary.” This collection reminds me the “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (aka “La Trahison des images“) from René Magritte. The artist plays with the word and our imagination with this concept. A subtil mix of imagination and what the viewer actually perceive.

Chanel Factory 5 Collection
Chanel Factory 5 Collection

What does compose the Chanel Factory 5 collection?

  • Shower gel in a can of paint
  • Body cream in a tube of gouache
  • Body lotion in a bag of sugar
  • Bath tablets in a tea tine
  • Mystery box
  • Soap in a shoe polish tin
  • Body oil in a home repair projects
  • Mini body lotion in a set of gouaches tubes
  • Sparkling body gel in bottle of paint
  • Mini shower gels in a set of gouaches tubes
  • Shower gel in a bottle of dish soap
  • 3 different Chanel n°5 pure spray mini edition with different packaging.
photo credit: l’Officiel Malaysia

Here are a preview of the Chanel Factory 5 collection look like on the Gram! ⤵️

What is the story behind the Chanel N°5?

This perfume was launched in 1921 . Created by the perfumer Ernest Beaux, he introduced 5 different smells to Coco Chanel to define the smell of the fragrance. He didn’t give each smell any names, only numbers. And guess which one did she picked? Number 5.

Like the 2.55 Coco Chanel is all about numbers and symbols. It was her first perfume, and it this simple name “Numéro 5” was really avant-gardiste as back then perfume use to be called with sophisticated names like “Shalimar”.

Chanel marketing strategy was already on point back then! She told her client that this perfume was only for her close friends and not for sale. She use to spray it in the air during events to draw attention! Chanel Numero 5 became even more famous when Marilyn confessed that she is only wearing Chanel n°5 in bed. ✨

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