Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG – Melbourne

All you need to know about the Coco Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG exhibition in Melbourne. Straight after Paris, Melbourne is the second major city to host this Coco Chanel exhibition. I have never been to attend the one in Paris unfortunately due to Covid. But this time, I made it to Melbourne to attend this beautiful exhibition. The exhibition ended in April 2022 but let me take you for a tour if you can’t attend the exhibition. I was so excited to visit it, and will share all my learnings with the same excitement!

Curated by the Palais Galliera, Paris and presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, the exhibition features over 100 outfits!

Coco Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG - Melbourne - YSL quote
Yves Saint Laurent quote about Gabriel Chanel
Photo credit: parlezvousvintage

Coco Chanel Logo

I already knew quite a lot about Gabriel Chanel life. She was born in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire in 1893 but she grew up in Aubazine, a few kilometers from my hometown in France, Tulle. I did visit the orphanage in the rural country town where she first learnt how to sew. This is from the Aubazine orphanage that she got the idea for the CC logo. The monastery had geometric pattern designed on the stained glass. Now Chanel logo is undeniably one of the most successful stories in the history of fashion branding. This is my personal knowledge after doing some research on the icon. Coco Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG exhibition will explain you the past story of Gabriel and how she grew up. Her state of mind coming from this little country town and how bad she wanted to make a name for herself.

Coco Chanel CC logo inspired from the tained glass window in the chapel inside the Aubazine monastery
photo credit: France 3 Region

Coco Chanel Success

How did she get to the top? This is what you will discover following the different windows full of beautiful sketches and actual design of Coco Chanel first creations.

Coco Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG - Melbourne - Sketches
Coco Chanel “Petite robe noire” sketches at the NVG Gallery
photo credit: parlezvousvintage

Through her different husband and never giving up on her ambition, she believed in herself and never give up now matter what life was throwing at her. This is my favorite quote, showcasing Gabriel Chanel strength and state of mind. Coming from nothing and building such a brand post war, is a huge achievement and it took risks to get there.

If you were born without wings do nothing to prevent them from growing ”

Coco Chanel
Photo credit: parlezvousvintage
Portrait of Gabriel Chanel

Coco Chanel Little Black Dress

The little black dress is all about classy and chic. Not being overdressed. Some find Chanel style stark, austere whereas other fine it refined.

The Story Behind the Chanel Number 5

Chanel brand journey took a different turn when she launched her perfume Chanel Number 5. The story behind the name of the fragrance is a really fun fact:

Chanel number 5 first packaging

This perfume was launched in 1921. Created by the perfumer Ernest Beaux, he introduced 5 different smells to Coco Chanel to define the smell of the fragrance. He didn’t give each smell any names, only numbers. And guess which one did she picked? Number 5.

Like the 2.55 Coco Chanel is all about numbers and symbols. It was her first perfume, and it this simple name “Numéro 5” was really avant-gardiste as back then perfume use to be called with sophisticated names like “Shalimar”. Chanel marketing strategy was already on point back then!

Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG - Chanel Number 5 first packaging look
Coco Chanel Fragrance

She told her client that this perfume was only for her close friends and not for sale. She use to spray it in the air during events to draw attention! Chanel Numero 5 became even more famous when Marilyn confessed that she is only wearing Chanel n°5 in bed.

As you can see on the picture above, the packaging of the Chanel Number 5 haven’t change much since it first look in the early 1920. Intemporelle like we say in French, that’s what Chanel style is all about.

Even this packaging exposed at Coco Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG of an hand cream doesn’t seems to aged. It actually look like the Chanel Factory beauty product collection very recently release in 2021.

Coco Chanel packaging hand cream at the Coco Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG exhibition
Photo credit: parlezvousvintage

Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG – 2.55 Iconic bag

In 2022, Chanel don’t have the same dynamic from when Gabriel first created the Classic flap.
Gabriel Chanel was all about symboles, like for the number 5 fragrance, the same story apply for the 2.55 bag. Created in February 1955, it’s were it take is name from. Even though it wasn’t the first chanel bag designed, it’s the most iconic.

“I got fed up with holding my purses in my hands and losing them, so I added a strap and carried them over my shoulder”

Gabriel Chanel

And just like that… It was a revolution for women. The quilted leather, now so synonymous with the brand, is thought to be in honor of Coco’s love of riding as a girl, when quilted materials were worn only by boys working in the stables.

Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG - Chanel 2.55 Bag

Chanel Iconic Tweed Suit

Last but not least, the Chanel suit section was the most amazing. All of them aligned, some behind glasses but not all. Coming closer you were able to see the details in the pattern. Practicality again, the Chanel Tweed jacket was all about that. The Tweed is very resistant to the rain and to the cold. The two pockets were specifically designed to be practical for Gabriel to put in her cigarettes and her glasses. The buttonhole were made to be easier to put on and take off the jacket.

Chanel Tweed Suits at Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG exhibition
photo credit: parlezvousvintage

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I loved sharing this beautiful journey through the Chanel Fashion Manifesto NVG in Melbourne!

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