Which designer bags are a good investment in 2023

Yes, investment bag is still a thing in 2022. Before you get your hands on designer hand bag and your investment strategy there is a few points that need to be cleared up. Let’s dive in straight away.

Designer investment bag, what does it mean?

When it comes to investing in a luxury handbag, it’s obviously important to find … “To get the most resale value for your investment bag

In another hand., let’s make things clear first: purchasing luxury bags should be based on your disposable income… In other words, don’t take on debt to buy handbags. Otherwise it is not an investment. It’s a solution for you to still enjoy your money without spending on hopeless things that will lost their value so quickly.

While people invest for different reasons, those with collateral to burn often buy designer handbags for a fairly fast return of investment. The way you should see it as a saving bank account that you can actually wear.

The best investments tend to be timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion

I tend to disagree with that quote. Yes, some bags are some timeless pieces and will never go out of fashion BUT, you also have to take a bet sometimes on what will become a timeless piece next. I don’t mean to run and buy the last bag out every single month but you also have to visualize and ask yourself “will this bag become a statement piece in 10 years?

Let’s take the exemple of the Dior Saddle bag. Designed in 1999, it was released for Spring/Summer 2000. 20 years later, it made a REAL come back with a reedition which is now probably going to stay. A real bargain for those who bought it in the early 2000. The particularity nowadays with this investment bag is the custom straps that you can buy separately and change whenever you feel like it. It give a different look the bag and make it even more versatile, from night to day by just adding that strap. It really give a sporty look to the bag.

On the left, the Dior Saddle Vintage and on the right the Dior Saddle Reedition.

Are designer bags worth their price?

You have to see luxury as prestigious. You don’t “need” luxury. The product is not going to solve any problem. It is just for the beauty of it. Luxury consumers want to know about a brand’s heritage, prestige and uniqueness; it’s identity which counts, rather than a competitive edge. So in this scenario the price is a big question. You obviously pay more than what it’s worth because of the whole concept and heritage behind it. Of course, your bag is made of prestigious materials and special features but there is more to it, which makes luxury hard to understand for those who are more quality/price oriented.

investment bag

Of course depending on brand but for the most luxurious like Hermès, Chanel, Dior and Prada a luxury pieces represent tons hours of work, precious materials, hands conception and rare design.

In another hand, what I don’t consider being luxury brands but more “premium brands” are See by Chloe, Hugo Boss etc. How to spot the difference? Their target audience and marketing strategy isn’t the same. These are the ones that define the industry benchmarks for quantity and quality of their features. Premium brands’ target customers are those who can push themselves to pay higher than what they pay for an average product.

There is also brand that are sort of “in betweenlike Miu Miu, Versace, Gucci that have master marketing. Statement bags like the Gucci Marmont or the Gucci loafers have been around for years now and are not so much of a “statement piece” even though they still elevate an outfit.

Some comments have been made since a few years that Chanel classic flap bag were not as good as they were back in the day. Another reason why the vintage one went up in price on the resale market. This is what I have recently red on the Bragmybag blog: “Another friend of mine recently purchased a Chanel Maxi Blue Fonce Flap Bag. When it came in the mail, she discovered that there were a lot of mistakes made in the creation/production of the handbag. It didn’t take long for us to figure it out when we did a side by side comparison to my Chanel bags.

Does Designer handbag hold their values?

Yes and no. Some do, some don’t. To know which one and make a difference you have to really watch the trend. Luxury brand pushes some new release through Influencer marketing. To know which next bag is going to be trending I recommend watching Chiara Ferragni who is often gifted with amazing bag from designer brands. Just look at her closet and the way she stores her bag. I am pretty sure she has them all! The bankable Italian blogger always poses often with the newest bags around on her Instagram posts.

Investment bag, Chiara Ferragni bag collection
photo credit: Chiara Ferragni

What does investing in a designer bag involve?

When you decide to spend a certain amount on a beautiful bag, you want to know if it’s a good “investment”, an accessory capable not only to satisfy all the practical needs that a bag, even a designer handbag, must meet, but above all to make your outfits even more elegant and to last over the years.

To acquire the “It bag” status, the bag must meet some requirements, whether you buy it preloved or brand new. First, it’s all about color. Black and neutral colors tends to be more timeless. On the other hand, if you pick a white or beige you will probably never use the bag. Or if you do, be careful because it will automatically lost its value with a stain on it or if the bag is in bad condition. This same principale goes for every bag but scratches tend to be less visible on black and darker colors.

For instance, caviar material and canvas are the BEST fabric to go for. Instead of leaving the bag in your closet like a sleeping beauty, you will be able to enjoy it!

Chanel Wallet on Chain best investment bag 2022
Photo credit: Chanel, Wallet on chain (Caviar leather)

These two fabrics are very resistant and last for ages. Did you know that Louis Vuitton canvas bag are made from 100% cotton which is then coated with a plastic called polyvinylchloride. Only the handles on popular bag (like the Pochette Metis) are in leather.

Which Designer Bag should you invest in 2022?

  1. Hermès, Birkin
  2. Chanel, 2.55 
  3. Christian Dior, Lady Dior
  4. Hermès, Kelly
  5. Louis Vuitton, Pochette Metis
  6. Louis Vuitton, Alma
  7. Saint Laurent, WOC
  8. Chanel, 11.12 (aka Classic Flap)
  9. Saint Laurent, Chain Wallet
  10. Celine, Triomphe 

How luxury bags hold their value?

Brand standards and scarcity. To stay attractive, luxury has to stay unaccessible to the crowd. And these days, let me tell you that it’s getting “harder” for brand to do so. With the second hand market blooming, more and more people get access to luxury item. Even brand new, you can afford a scarf or even a twilly if you are able to save a few hundred dollars.

In contrast, very few people get access to Kelly or Birkin bag at Hermès and it is recently became the same for the Chanel Classic Flap with their new quota system.

Affordable luxury bags to invest in – Start your investment bag collection now

Let’s be honest, you might not be ready yet to spend 10,000 dollars on a bag as an investment. But you might want to start small. Clutches and smaller bag might be your starting point then. On top of it, they are currently the most trending items right now. Smaller doesn’t always mean cheaper you have to look around and compare. As an exemple, the recent Chanel love heart bag that has been literally everywhere within a few week, is quite small although it starting price is around $5,500. For exemple, I wouldn’t recommend it as an investment bag. Even though the shape is really cute and attractive, it’s a bit to different to become a statement piece and last in the long run.

Investment bag – Affordable Selection

  • Celine , Triomphe
  • Balenciaga, Neo Classic Bag

So, you want small bag but not too small as you still want it to be useful. At the moment, to start your investment bag collection in 2022, I would go for the Balenciaga Neo Classic Bag. Small but practical, this bag has it all with its deconstructed, ultra-cool style. This shape has been around for quite a while, and just made a come back in a mini size! The Balenciaga Neo Classic bag is a re-issue of the Balenciaga city bag first release in 2001 by Nicholas Ghesquière, Balenciaga’s creative director back then.

  • Balenciaga, La Cagole bag

This bag is somehow becoming a “It bag”. I wouldn’t recommend the bright colors like these if you are looking at buying it to invest in, but at the end of the day if you want to enjoy wearing the Balenciaga La Cagole, go for it! Funky and bright, perfect for your laid-back outfits.

How to buy luxury handbag for the first time without spending to much?

First, you are in the right place. After reading this article you should have a better understanding on what to get and why you are getting it. Now, let’s the fun begging with the look around, what I also called the “hunt”. It’s my favorite part of the process. You have of course official plateform to look at but also some other retailers like Selfridges in the UK, My Theresa in Europe, Cosette or Parlour X in Australia. Bref, no matter where you are there is always to get your hand on what you are looking for.

Be careful with preloved and Ebay. This is really not a platform that I would recommend if you don’t really know how to make a difference between what’s real and what’s not.

Discover why the Pochette Metis is a really good bag to invest in since a few years already. The Birkin bag by Hermès is also a bag that hold its value really really well.

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