Fashion Editorial – The Grand Entrance

The Grand Entrance

As the sun begins its descent over the city of love, our Parisian muse graces the entrance of the restaurant.

Creative Direction & Stylist: Léa Zambon Phillips
Photographer: Lea Souffran
Model: Eugenie Christophe
Clothes: Pierre-Henry Bor
Jewellery: Virginie Mahe
MUA: Frederic Ferrer

She exudes understated sophistication. The soft, billowing silhouette sways gracefully with every step, mirroring the delicate dance of the white marble façade she walks past.

Inside the restaurant, a symphony of white and grey marble envelops the space. It provides the perfect canvas for the girl’s monochromatic ensemble – a vision in ivory and marble-like patterns.

In the harmonious confluence of her impeccable style and the exquisite marble ambiance, our Parisian muse becomes the living embodiment of elegance.

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