Hermès Crossbody Birkin 2023

Hey guys, have you heard the news? Hermès has just released a game-changing addition to their Fall/Winter 2023 collection – the Crossbody Birkin!

This accessory was recently featured on the runway alongside the revived Harness Birkin and the new Fringe Birkin.

Hermès Birkin Fringe
Photo credit: Hermès

The Harness Birkin is BACK and now allows for comfortable shoulder carrying. It’s been a long-awaited feature for Birkin lovers, and we’re hoping that it will make its way into production soon!

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It first appeared on the runaway for Spring Summer Fashion Week 2021. But, it wasn’t probably perfect back then because the accessory never made it into production. Hopefully, this time it will!

I don’t have nay dates to share with you but I will keep you updated!

From the looks of it after watching closely Hermès show, the Crossbody Birkin will be available in two different sizes for the Birkin 25 and 30.

Some might argue that it doesn’t match the Birkin’s iconic aesthetic, but let’s be honnest – sometimes practicality wins over aesthetics.

With the new Crossbody Birkin, you can enjoy hands-free convenience while keeping your essentials close. I am particularly excited to see what colors and fabrics Hermès will release this in, and we’re sure it’ll be a great opportunity to mix and match.

Crossbody Birkin Hermès
Photo credit: PurseBop

As with any new accessory, there are concerns about wear and tear. Some might worry about the harness scratching their beloved Birkin, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Overall, I think the Crossbody Birkin is a great addition to the Hermès family. So, Birkin owners, would you rock this new accessory? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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