How to look chic without breaking the budget!

I see you coming! You have a wishlist full of all the latest items in your iPhone’s notes! Every month it’s the same, you look at it for half an hour, press the add to cart button and…  nothing! I got you girl! But, just so you know, you don’t need to spend thousands each month to look great and classy! It was the same problem for me but at some point, I had enough of the frustration and created myself a REAL checklist with a few items that do the job!
Looking “expensive” is not just to impress yourself but more a way to help you feel confident. When people get their first impression after seeing you for only a few seconds, it better be good! But, we are also not here to please everyone so it should be more of a way for you to express what matters for you and what you are like.

1. Most important: fitting!

Doesn’t matter what’s written on the label, at the end of the day, what makes a difference with luxurious brands is the fitting. The way clothes are cut and fall on you like “it was meant to be” is the most important. That’s why you fell in love with a Balmain jacket instead of a Zara one, it’s no more complicated than that. That’s why I have always found online shopping way harder than going into shops!

Step 1:
Clear what doesn’t fit anymore from your closet: jeans too big, loose t-shirts (unless for the  style of it!) and shoes that you have been wearing for way too long. It’s time for an update!
Step 2:
Find some cool vintage store around you, or over the internet. Vinted, Poshmark or Vestiaire Collective are great for a treasure hunt! Stay tuned for more on my blog soon for that! If it’s too big you can always make it fit and have it resized!
If you decide to go mainstream, again try it on and if it’s not an “instant” fit, leave it and keep going to find “THE” jeans. You don’t need to have 20 jeans, but a few that really give your waist and 🍑 the look they deserve! 

2. Go basic

Some will tell you to go all black, because black is chic. I found black boring and sad, but that’s my personal opinion. Colors are hard to mix, especially when you don’t really know what suits you. Last year during the pandemic, I’d had enough of this myself and asked advice from a personal shopper. One of the best things I have ever paid for! She created for me based on my colors scheme and actually showed me what was best for me. It made shopping much easier, especially considering my number one tip above. Now that I know that I’m a “warm autumn rectangle” I can dress accordingly!

Here is my selection of basic pieces that you should have in your closet to look classy on a budget:

Jean Levi’s 501 Slim
Anine Bing Teeshirt
& Others Stories Beige Trench Coat
Mule Gucci inspired by Steve Madden

Jean High Rise Skinny Calvin Klein
Marinière Colette Sezane
Monochrome costume pink or brown NA-KD

3. Go big on accessories & beauty

Invest in a bag. You can read my article about a great bag worth investing in right here. Buy it on sale or second hand. HUNT IT! You certainly can’t buy everything at once and this will stop you from getting overwhelmed and frustrated. If you buy quality items bit by bit you are building yourself THE wardrobe you have always been looking for. And, at some point, you will have acquired enough that when a new piece comes in, another will go, so it will be a “blank” operation for you. Meaning you can swap and still be on trend without investing as much money.

Bags are important but I can’t fail to emphasise the importance of accessories like sunglasses and jewelry. Sunglasses or belts are quite affordable, especially second hand. I have listed a few items that look right on trend but that are reasonably priced.
Jewelry like Cartier can also be offered for big occasions like a wedding anniversary, push presents or collective present. If it is well planned it’s totally doable. Here are a selection of the “hot” jewelry items that I have had my eyes on for a while!

4. Fitting in

Looking sophisticated is one thing, but what you also want is not only to “fit in”. By that I mean wearing the right outfit at the right event is good, but you can do better! Think outside the box when it comes to your outfit, go a little bolder, and if it’s not everyone’s taste at least people noticed you. Fitting in is not going to get you anywhere, but being noticed sure will. Don’t go too much but don’t try to blend in either. With a little practice you will get there! Last but not least don’t wear too many logos, you are not a walking ad for MyTheresa!

Hope you enjoyed this article! For more fashion tips, check out my last articles about the hottest summer luxury slides just here.

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