Is Bottega Veneta Paper Bag the new hype?

When I first saw the design of the bag online, I had to ask myself the question…. Why?

This Bottega Veneta Paper Bag reminded me of the marketing around Ikea bags and the things you can do with it. But here, this time, its the price that will be turning heads.

So, why would you pay $2.500 US dollars to wear a bag that literally looks like a paper bag from your local supermarket? Let me tell you that it’s more than that, and it make more sense than ever these days!

Bottega Veneta paper bag
Bottega Veneta paper bag in leather suede
photo credit: Bottega Veneta

Why is Bottega Veneta releasing this paper bag?

With the old money aesthetic and quiet luxury trend being back, it is actually the perfect time to release this type of aesthetic bag.

If you look quick enough you might actually think that this $2.500 is made of paper and not 100% calfskin.

This bag is available in 2 sizes: Small and Medium in only this kraft colour which is makes this bag appear like a shopping bag (to the untrained eye).

What is the Bottega Veneta paper bag made of?

Very practical, this bag can be worn as an every day bag. The Medium size can fit a 13″ laptop. The dimensions of the bag are: 32.5 cm height by 32cm width and 7 cm depth.

Made in Italy, the handles of this latest release do not allow for a shoulder carry like most other bags of the past.

Inside the Bottega Veneta paper bag
This paper bag is made of 100% calfskin with delicate stitchings and a suede lining inside.
photo credit: Bottega Veneta

The drop handles of the two sizes measure 9 cm and 12 cm, and both resemble paper handles attached to low-cost brown paper bags.

In that sense, I would really consider it as an every day working bag where I think the classic Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote or the Goyard Saint Louis tote seem to be better a option in regards to being more practical.

Bottega Veneta’s Paper Bag: Yay or Nay?

I agree, the concept of high-end fashion can at times be mind blowing but I think that luxury brands have an exorbitant budget for innovation and marketing with their knowledge of the market. At the end of the day it is luxury brands like Bottega that have the shiny key that can make or break fashion. The real question is have they just changed the path of fashion for good?

I am not going to lie, the good old days are kind of behind us for a lot of people and this big change might seem like a moquerie for some, by taking items from everyday life and adding a bunch of 000 behind the normal price.

What I like about the bag

It is a unisex bag that goes really well with every outfit. Party dress, heals, fancy jewellery and red lipstick with this Bottega Veneta paper bag accessory, why not!

Dress down with an activewear outfit from PE Nation that I love or a simple set of jeans and Doc Martens from one of my favourite Australian websites The Iconic.

Bottega Veneta paper bag
photo credit: Bottega Veneta
photo credit: Bottega Veneta

What are people saying on TikTok about the Bottega Veneta Paper Bag?

Below are some of the comments that I selected from people’s reactions online alongside a few other youtube videos that i have come across so far, enjoy!

Bottega Veneta paper bag comment on TikTok joking about the bag
Bottega Veneta paper bag comment on TikTok making fun of the bag
Bottega Veneta paper bag comment on TikTok

Is it a hard pass for you? Let me know on Threads.

What are Bottega Veneta IT bags:

  • Cassette bag available from AUD $4,401 on Cosette website, with 10% off!
Bottega Veneta casette bag
photo credit Pinterest
  • Jodie available from AUD$2,380 on Bottega Vaneta website
Bottega Venetta Jodie bag
photo credit Pinterest
  • Strand Bag: Bottega Veneta celebrates a New York City institution with a leather reworking of the iconic Strand book totes. This bag is not available anymore as it was a limited-edition release in September 2022.
Bottega Veneta strang bag limited edition
photo credit Bottega Vaneta
Bottega Veneta Mini Pouch
photo credit Pinterest

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