Louis Vuitton Face Mask: When Luxury Brands Adapt

Louis Vuitton Face Shield - New 2021 trend

When Louis Vuitton turns lemons into lemonade, by using the covid pandemic to release their latest fashion addition. Let’s welcome a brand new accessory that might surprise: The Louis Vuitton face mask labelled the “Monogram Face Shields by Louis Vuitton”.

source: Louis Vuitton

Keep your distance, respect covid precautions: Oui Madame, but with style!

The year of 2020 has been full of highs and lows, and unfortunately a great many of those have had a large impact on the fashion industry. Luckily for Louis Vuitton they have been able to capitalise on this situation. Masks have become a regular part of life for millions of people around the world, and designers havent failed to notice this. So it make sense that Luxury brands want to cash-in on the next biggest accessory of this year!
Many brands have already launched there luxury face masks like the The Diamond Face Mask by Jacob & Co. or The Black Crystal Mask by Christian Siriano available at the reasonable price of $595.

All you want to know about the Louis Vuitton face mask:

Louis Vuitton face mask, the “ LV Shield“.
source: Louis Vuitton

This new must-have accessory was launched late October. The promise of the Louis Vuitton face mask? Well this standard visor face shield with a twist will add “A discreet yet sophisticated touch to one’s personal protection.”

  • What are the Louis Vuitton face mask features?
    The shield features an adjustable visor and monogram trim. It’s made of a transparent visor to protect your face and an adjustable headband
  • How much will this Louis Vuitton face mask cost?
    The retail price of the Louis Vuitton face mask “LV Shield” would retail for close to $1,000.
  • What is the Louis Vuitton face mask composed of?
    The light-sensitive and protective visor by LV is engraved with golden studs along with their iconic brown and gold monogram printed on both the trim and head strap.
  • Where and when will the Louis Vuitton face shield be made available?
    It will be first launched during Nicolas Ghesquière’s cruise 2021 as the “collection must have”. Here is a little exact of Louis Vuitton cruise collection 2021. The first drops of the LV Shield were expected from 30 October but I still haven’t found them on Louis Vuitton’s e-shop!

The French Opinion:

Is the LV face shield truly worth the expense? In my opinion, no not at all. Once this unfortunate virus is under control and we can put it in our rear view mirror, I have little doubt that the LV face shield will go the same way! Even taking into consideration that it may be possible to use the flip up visor as some form of shade protector in the future, I just cant bring myself to see that as a viable fashion accessory.

Otherwise, Louis Vuitton is anticipating a looong drawn out covid life style… I am just curious to see if celebrities will choose to use the shield or take the more conventional and common everyday mask.

Some of you might consider that it’s a functional, reusable accessory that’s also quite stylish. However I cant say that I agree and in this case it appears to be nothing more than a status symbol. This new “PPE” (Personal Protective Equipment) is definitely a no go for me.

The best option when it comes to buying a face mask is to look around for the small independent businesses that may be struggling under the current circumstances, and show your support by buying their products.

And you, would you buy this monogram-print face shield? What do you think about it? Let me know in comments!

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