Louis Vuitton Vintage Keepall Weekend Bag: Is it worth it?

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Louis Vuitton Keepall weekend bag monogram canvas review: Is it worth it? Which size should you go for? What price should I expect on the preloved market? Let’s dive into the subject!

If you already know or own a Louis Vuitton Speedy, the Keepall is basically a bigger version of it. Created in the 1930’s, the Keepall comes in a range of different sizes from 45, 50, 55, up to 60 centimetres. This bag became an icon immediately after its debut in the 1930s. Celebrities used to love it and it’s still the case these days, as seen on:

Louis Vuitton Keepall measurements:

17.8 in x 10.7 in x 7.9 in
19.7 in x 11.4 in x 8.7 in
21.7 in x 12.2 in x 9.4 in
23.6 in x 13 in x 10.2 in
pictures of the different size of the Louis vuitton Vintage Keepall Weekend Bag
source: Louis Vuitton

How much is a brand new Louis Vuitton Keepall?

According to the Louis Vuitton website, the Keepall 55 bandouliere is now worth 1 540.00€ on the French Louis Vuitton Website, and it is worth $1 990.00 over the Louis Vuitton American website.

Photo of the new Louis Vuitton Keepall bandouliere Weekend Bag - travel bag monogram canvas
source: Louis Vuitton

Is it worth buying a Louis Vuitton Keepall as a weekend bag?

According to me, the Keepall is the best weekend bag you can find on the second hand market. Very resistant, it’s THE perfect companion to travel with style. It is an all-time favorite of many celebrities and influencers. First, the different sizes are made for all different needs (but we will come back to that point later on).
Louis Vuitton started his carrer as a personal box-maker and packer to the Empress of France, Eugenie. Vuitton became the travel goods manufacturer of choice among the aristocracy.
Passed from father to son, Vuitton’s business grew to include clothing, shoes, jewellery and of course, handbags. Its iconic offerings have included the Keepall, released in 1930.

So the important point in all of this is that Louis Vuitton bags and luggage are not only made to be strong, they’re designed to be highly practical. Thoughtful design and durable materials are the hallmarks of a Louis Vuitton bag. The Keepall is completely waterproof.

Own only what you can carry with you: let your memory be your travel bag.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

What is the Louis Vuitton Keepall (and Louis Vuitton Canvas bags) made of?

Louis Vuitton call it “toile enduite” which is essentially a layer of cotton canvas that has been treated with the well-known plastic derivative PVC (polyvinylchloride). OK, now you might be life W**?! I get it, but by no means does this place the Louis Vuitton in the same category as your common day to day bags.

The good thing is when it comes to a travel bag, you usually want it to be as light as possible. Well, the PVC coated canvas of Louis Vuitton bags is much lighter in weight than the average luxury handbag. This is making it much nicer to carry. It’s also a great choice if you suffer from back pain or shoulder problems.

As well, according to the company, an authentic Louis Vuitton bag or wallet goes through more than 100 stages of production before it is ready to hit the retail shelf.

Although, leather is still used in the construction of the bags: the reinforcing trim is still made from leather. As a whole a Louis Vuitton coated canvas bag is much more durable than your average leather or fabric bag, making it a very sound investment! If you want to learn more about bag investments check out my article about the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis.

source: chroniclesoffrivolity.com

How to choose the right size for your Louis Vuitton Keepall?

First, ask yourself: what are you going to use it for? Is it for long vacations? Are you going to use it for 1-2 day get away or for a week? Are you going to travel by car, train or plane?
Important thing to note, the first 3 sizes are cabin-sized. So if you pick the Keepall 60 and intend on using that while travelling by plane, it is important to keep in mind that it may not fit in the overhead compartment if filled to full capacity! As well, if you don’t pick a model with a bandoulière, the bigger the bag is, the heavier it will be for you to carry around. So, if you are more of a travel light person, the Keepall 50 will be the perfect compromise for you.

Besides, the size that you pick wont have much impact on the price you will pay for it.

Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 centimeters

Tips to find THE perfect Vintage Keepall on the second hand market

  • Make sure to check these few key points before picking your Keepall over the second hand market:
  • Interior of the bag, make sure there is no stains.
  • As strange as it sounds, its a great idea to ask if there are any irregular odours inside of the bag.
  • The rust or green staining around buttons.
  • Also be sure to inspect the leather handles for any darkening in colour as this can be a sure sign of wear and deterioration.

    Last but not least, if you buy a Louis Vuitton Keepall in bad condition, you can always go to a Louis Vuitton boutique and ask for a quote as repairs are often an affordable option. From there, you can make your decision. Its also important to look for any prior repairs to the bag, the majority of the Louis Vuitton boutiques are not willing to make repairs to a bag that has been previously tampered with.

The Keepall Bandouliere

The Keepall includes various designs such as the Monogram, Damier, Ebene, Azur, Epi, and Macassar. The Keepall Bandouliere comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

source: Louis Vuitton

The French Opinion:

The Keepall is, according to me, the best weekend bag you can find on the second hand market. It’s light because of Louis Vuittons material. It is very resistant and very spacious as well. There is a range of sizes to suit everyones needs. You can also find some really great deals on the preloved market which makes it a good investment, and easy to resell after a few uses if you feel its not for you. However if you’re anything like me, once you have taken this bag on a weekend trip you wont plan on parting with your new friend anytime soon! The Keepall will keep it all! Your search for the perfect carry-on is over. The Louis Vuitton Keepall is a forever classic!

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    1. Hi Constance, the Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 brand new is worth 1650€ currently but on the second hand market you can find some around 500/600€. For the Keepall size 60 brand new 1700€ and second hand it’s about 800€. Hope this helps:)

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