Luxury Bag Collection: How To Start Yours

Who said a luxury bag collection was only accessible for the really wealthy? That’s true, they have easier access to luxury items. However, if you have been dreaming about it for years, this is your go to guide to get started.

Starting a luxury handbag collection can be confusing and challenging. Your first step into creating yours that is going to last! With many, many brands on the market, you will have to follow a few steps to start your luxury bag collection. After that, you should be good to go and get started! Starting a luxury bag collection takes time, research and money. Once you get started with 2 or 3 bags overtime, when you will be looking for an update you will be able to just resale a previous bag and you won’t need more money.

Luxury Bag Collection - Yves Saint Laurent Bagpack Purse
photo credit: Korie Cull – Louis Vuitton Bagpack Purse

Look around and select 5 brand names that you like

When I started my personal luxury bag collection, I gathered so much inspiration from different social media channels and websites. But first, let’s focus on luxury brands and not premium brands. The main difference here will be the entry starting point. But also, the resale value. You have to carefully find out how this brand and this bag model holds its value overtime.

7 brands that holds well their value well overtime:

The main difference between Premium brands compared to Luxury brands is that luxury can’t be accessed by anyone. That is part of the reason the prices are so high and keep increasing multiple times a year. Luxury brands are naturally desirable and don’t need to tell you “why you need this bag”. The second argument to tell the difference between the two is the quality of the bag they produce. Brands like Michael Kors or See by Chloe aren’t luxury brands. They don’t appeal to the same category of people and the attention to detail and materials used are incomparable.

Find the iconic models for each luxury brand selected

Once you have created your go-to list of luxury brands, it is time to move onto the next key point: how to find the iconic bag models of luxury brands? If you have been interested in starting your own luxury bag collection for a while, you probably already know them all already because they are the bags that you see the most often posted on social media.

I have written an article about why the Pochette Metis is a good investment that might help you decide between the Louis Vuitton models available on the market.

Pinterest or brand websites can be a great source of inspiration. I love looking at celebrities and influencers to see which bags they are wearing that actually appeal to me and my everyday style.

Influencers that wear trending and iconic luxuries items:

Think about what you are looking for in a handbag

The bag has to be practical in order for you to use and not let it sit on the shelf of your wardrobe. Or maybe you are looking more into a bag that you can wear at parties or during a night out?
By making a list of what you need in a bag to meet your needs, this will help you have a clearer idea on the direction you are headed and which model is the most suitable for your needs.

Before buying a luxury bag, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to wear it every day with every single outfit?
  • Do I want to use it for work in order to carry my laptop, note pad, glasses etc?
  • Do I only want to use it to go out clubbing?
  • What do I usually put in my handbag, what do I need to fit in it?
  • Do I like flashy colors or am I more prone to wearing black or beige colors?
  • Do I want a luxury bag just for myself or do I want to use it as a statement?
  • Am I going to keep it forever or do I want to change bag in another 6 months?
Luxury Bag Collection - Black and gold Gucci Purse
Photo by James Ree – Gucci bag black

Jump on the resale market

Let the fun get started! This is the part that I call “the hunt”. During this phase you will track down the different resale prices on the vintage market. A feature that I love on Vestiaire Collective is that even though the bag has been sold, you can still access the product description and find out how much it was sold for and most important, when.

To start your luxury bag collection, you will now try to find the exact model that you like on the resale market.

Vestiaire Collective Website Home Page

Select the right colours and fabrics

Of course, to start your collection you have to buy a model that you like. However, keep in mind that not only the model that you pick will impact the resale value, the fabric and colours will play a big part on it.

Try it on in store

The most exciting part in the buying process. You know exactly what you want now. You have a few models on your mind, it is now time to try it on and decide! Don’t be shy to push the door of a luxury boutique. For me, every time I walk through the door, it still feel magical!

For instance, I usually spend a long time online researching and shopping around for prices or promo codes before jumping in the store. I have noticed that if I go in the store without having a clear idea about what I am looking for, I make bad decisions. I buy in an impulsive way! Which you can regret after, especially if you buy a very trending model and can’t make your money back afterward to upgrade for a different bag.

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The French Opinion

luxury bag collection chanel jumbo

I will never forget when I decided to buy my first luxury bag, big moment! It also felt like a big achievement, like keeping a promise to myself. Do it for you, and only for you, whatever your personal taste is!

Wether you want to buy it brand new or go for a vintage bag, definitely walk-in the boutique to make sure it’s the right model for you. Especially if you are going to buy it online. This way, you will avoid any disappointment once you have received your new baby! Moreover, don’t be afraid to push the door of a luxury boutique, we have all been through there and there is no judgement what so ever.

Now that you’ve got started on your collection, it’s time to wear this baby out!

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