Top 7 Louis Vuitton New Pochette Metis 2021

Well here we are once again talking about the Pochette Metis! If you haven’t had the chance to read my previous article about why is the Pochette Metis a good investment you should give it a look just after this article, that will help you to decide! As for this article, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Louis Vuitton new Pochette Metis 2021! (And these new models are gorgeous!!!). Louis Vuitton have gone to great lengths to release this latest collection offering a variety of colour combinations. So let me present you the Louis Vuitton new Pochette Metis 2021:

Caracteristics of the Pochette Metis:

  • size 25 x 19 x 7 cm (Length x height x width)
  • different material depending on the model. It’s either:
    1. Monogram coated canvas
    2. Embossed grained cowhide leather
    3. Tissu Jacquard
  • outside zipped pocket
  • 3 inside compartments
  • strap: Removable, adjustable

1. Pochette Metis MM (Tissu Jacquard)

Winter 2020, welcome the Pochette Metis MM grey: the fabric is different than usual toile Louis Vuitton but the design of the bag & the dimensions are the same. Tissu Jacquard Since 1854. You can find this grey Pochette Metis MM right here on Louis Vuitton France for 1790€.

2. Pochette Metis Since 1854 (Tissu Jacquard)

This model is identical to the last with only one exception, that being the colour choice. Louis Vuitton have chosen to lessen the more traditional use of leather in this model and instead have picked a woven fabric, while that is nothing new to the brand it is far less common and in my opinion a more unique choice. Louis Vuitton have continued to sport the original flower emblem with the obvious variation of “1854” embossed on the bag alongside the Louis Vuitton Monogram.

You are able to find and purchase this Pochette Metis 1854 right here on Louis Vuitton France for 1790€.

3. Pochette Metis Bi-color Black & Beige Spring 2021

Cuir de vache grainé embossé (VS Cuir de vachette naturel pour la toile monogram). Do you like this new Pochette Metis 2021
Available on Louis Vuitton website for 1990€.

4. Pochette Metis Bi-color Creme & Bois de Rose Spring 2021

Cuir Monogram Emprunte Bi color (vs cuir grainé ce modele comparé aux Monogram emprunte. Ce cuir encore + resistant)
How gorgeous is this new Pochette Metis 2021? I think it’s my favourite model! Available on the Louis Vuitton website at the price of 1990€.

5. Pochette Metis Cuir Monogram Empreinte

In order, you have the “Marine Red”, the “Tourterelle” (beige cream), the “Pink Blush”, the “Black” & the “Red Ecarlate” for 1790€ on Louis Vuitton website (France).

6. Pochette Metis Monogram Reverse

Available on the Louis Vuitton website for 1600€.

7. Pochette Métis Monogram Canvas Braided-leather handle

This Pochette Metis with its braided-leather handle was released for Spring 2020 but it has remained one of my favourites. The oversized LV leather charm and the S-lock closure were inspired by historic Louis Vuitton trunks! Check its availability on the Louis Vuitton website.

7. Pochette Metis My LV World Tour (Personalized)

This model is 100% customisable! Here is one I took the liberty of customising earlier as an example. How cool is that?!

Hope you like this big review about the new Pochette Metis 2021! Which model is your favourite? And if you are a Louis Vuitton lover, you might want to have a look at my review about the Louis Vuitton Keepall here.

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