Why The Pochette Metis by Louis Vuitton Is a Good Investment

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Is the Pochette Metis bag a good investment? Should I keep my Metis bag for 2021 or should I sell it? That’s the question we will try to answer here for you. But first, let’s dive into a bit of history of the Pochette Metis bag by Louis Vuitton.

The Pochette Metis was first released in 2012 but it was only 2 years later, mid 2014 that the Pochette Metis bag got so popular. We saw it all over social media and on the arms of many celebrities which helped it increase in popularity.
No matter what your thoughts are on this model of bag it is extremely versatile and has the ability to go with countless outfits: From a casual Sunday dress right through to your business attire.

source: Fashionphile

Later on, in 2017 and 2018, Louis Vuitton released more canvases, colours and another option that included a braided handle.

Pochette Metis Monogram or Empreinte?

The Monogram version of the Louis Vuitton purse is still the most popular and I definitely think that it will stay that way. Being the most popular means that it will not only hold its value but be exceptionally easy to sell again later on the pre-loved market.

Metis Monogram Reverse Version

The Reverse pochette Metis is a limited edition which was hunted by fashionistas all around the world because it combined the famous Louis Vuitton Monogram with some black elements which gave it a unique style. Classic and practical but also fashionable.

Pochette Metis Monogram Reverse on parlez vous vintage luxury blog
Pochette Metis Monogram Reverse
Source: Louis Vuitton

Do Louis Vuitton bags increase in value over time?

Pochette Metis by Louis Vuitton on parlez vous vintage blog
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In April 2020, The Pochette Metis Bag was valued at: 1,390€ then the price increased up again to: 1,430€. In May 2020, Louis Vuitton increased its prices again and the Pochette Metis Monogram version now costs: 1,500€ ($1,980 US dollars). As it belongs to the “collection permanente” (permanent collection) the value will continue to increase in the coming months.

Is Monogram Pochette Metis bag by Louis Vuitton a Good Investment?

A lot of rumours claimed that the pochette Metis was going to be discontinued. But it isn’t. In my opinion, it’s still one of the best Louis Vuitton investment bags. It’s the perfect investment for a first luxury bag, the monogram leather is tough and able to withstand poor weather with the exception of the top handle (which i will discuss later in the article).

It’s a crossbody spacious bag with 2 stripes so you have many possibilities as to how you choose to wear it depending on your outfits. With the chic top handle or crossbody, with the long detachable strap for an everyday look which can be very practical for the ladies on the run. The Pochette Metis will give this fashionable and trendy look to any of your outfits. And one day if you are no longer enjoying it, you will be able to get the majority of your money back upon re-sale.

And, if you are looking for ideas for the “luxury gift for her” well, the Pochette Metis might be a good go-to gift! You can’t really go wrong with a luxury designer bag especially from Louis Vuitton.

Where to find the Pochette Metis bag?

You can find it online right here on the Louis Vuitton official website, its no longer out of stock as it once was. You can also buy it second hand on Vestiaire Collective, for example: I found one at 1350€ which is a great deal as it is still quite rare. The PM is still more expensive on the preloved market but if you keep an eye open you can still find a good deal like this one. You can also have a look on Fashionphile to find some pre-owned Metis bags like this one. Most resellers are still offering Pochette Metis above the retail price so don’t be surprised if you’re unable to source a great deal.

What to wear with the Metis bag?

The Frenchie May Berthelot really inspired me with her ability to mix and match different office looks with the Pochette Metis, but I mainly found my inspiration over Pinterest & Instagram in general.

Here are a few outfit ideas with the Pochette Metis Louis Vuitton bag. Jump on my Pinterest right here to find more outfit ideas. If you haven’t made up your mind yet about buying this Louis Vuitton purse, this will help you with that decision.

If you are looking for a more colourful bags, you could go with these different editions:

Tips & Tricks

You don’t want to wear the pochette Metis when it’s rainy outside for one simple reason: the rain will stain the top handle in beige leather (monogram model). That’s why plenty of fashionistas are wearing it crossbody with the strap and using a scarf to protect the handle. One more way to be chic and Parisian while also protecting your investment.

Another good thing to know: The gold colour hardware with S-lock closure is quite delicate. When closing your bag be sure to take care and avoid scratching the gold s-lock feature. That’s why, if you are buying the PM as an investment, don’t take off the little piece of plastic when you discover the bag for the first time. You can hardly notice it, and when it comes time to sell your bag it will look brand new even if you’ve been using it regularly.

The French Opinion

Pochette Metis on parlez vous vintage luxury fashion blog

Metis bag is one of the best designer crossbody purses and I love wearing it! Hope you enjoyed my article and find some answers about why the Pochette Metis is a good investment bag.

Tell me in the comment section if you are a fan of the pochette Metis and why you do or do not like it! I am curious to see what you think! Definitely don’t hesitate to share with me your own tips and tricks to keep your bag in good condition, it is always very handy.  

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