Quiz Time: How Well Do You Know TheDesigner Handbag Classics

Let’s start this quiz for designer handbag classics and find out if you really know designer handbags & brands really well! Share your results on Instagram #ParlezVousVintage. Enjoy!

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How Well Do You Really Know Luxury Brands?

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What was Hermès first bag?

Hermès boutique decor

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Does Hermès belong to the LVMH group?

Hermès Hong Kong store

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Where is located Dior flagship store?

Dior flagship Paris

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For which other brand Yves Saint Laurent did start his designer career with?

Yves Saint Laurent Museum Logo

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What fabric are Louis Vuitton handbag are often made of?

Louis Vuitton flagship store by night

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When was the Gucci Marmont released?

Designer bag gucci marmont back

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Why did Coco Chanel called her first bag the "2.55"?

Chanel Building in France

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Designer handbag classics… We could talk about it for hours, couldn’t we? This is the thing, when you get started… you can’t stop! And if you know, you know! Designer handbags come in all shapes and sizes and I find them all beautiful (except there are a few exceptions like this one). Learning about them takes time, especially if you are looking into buying one, you don’t want to make the wrong choice regarding the price. For me buying a designer bag is something meaningful, and I hardly ever buy walking in a luxury boutique without knowing exactly what I am looking for. That’s why this quiz designer handbag classics is a fun way to test your knowledge about brands, their history and the bags themselves.

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