4 Top Trend Sunglasses Summer 2022

Time to embrace that summer vibe that we have been waiting for! A topic that you can’t avoid in summer while shopping around because sunglasses are the top accessory during this season. But what are the 4 top trend sunglasses this season? Especially with that heat, they became the statement piece and will definitely add character to your look or even match your raffia bag!

Initially you may think that you are paying quite a bit for a designer pair of frames or sunglasses, compared to other options on the market. But, when you think of cost per wear, you really do get your money’s worth, especially when buying a pair that can transition through the seasons. Again, with more money you tend to get higher quality and more unique designs too, which is another plus.

Prada PR 17WS Sunglasses

On the podium we can find the Prada PR17WS:

prada top trend sunglasses 2022 prada 17ws

I love the edgy look of the side mixed with the classic shape at the front. Protagonist of SS21 digital fashion show, distinctive narrow shape and triangular facets highlight the brand identity of this distinctive Prada catwalk look.

Here are my favorite looks with the Prada sunglasses 17WS:

Celine Cat Eye S187 Red Spotted Havana Sunglasses

celine top trend sunglasses 2022 red spotted havana sunglasses

I have always been a huge fan of the sunglasses Celine Marta, but unfortunately they never looked good on me! In 2022, a new version is out with the Celine Red Spotted Havana sunglasses which I found very chic due to the cat eye frame. They remain the most iconic and timeless luxury eyewear and they will never goes out of trend. I also love the gradient brown lenses that are more funky than usual dark lenses. Another important point not to neglect, other than the way they look is about the lenses. Are they enough coverage for your eyes?

Bottega Veneta Angle Almond Sunglasses

In this top trend sunglasses 2022, I couldn’t resist to showcase my favorite Bottega Veneta eyewear with the Angle Almond sunnies. Very trendy and probably not timeless but who cares, they look gorgeous!

Bottega Veneta top trend sunglasses 2022 Angle Almond Sunglasses

I also quite like these other styles: the Angle Violet and the Grip Pink.

Versace Medusa Biggie Sunglasses

I couldn’t conclude this top 4 of the top trend sunglasses in 2022 without adding the Versace Medusa Biggie sunglasses.

And even if the sun isn’t out some days, they will always be useful to boost your confidence or even just to catch your hair! And you, what are you eyeing on this season? Do you have a favorite designer glasses brand that you fancy treating yourself with?

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