Why Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag became so popular?

Louis Vuitton Airplane bag by Virgil Abloh

What is a “IT bag”, what is the definition of it and how a bag become more popular than others? What contributes that much to success? This is what we will talk about in this article dedicated to the Louis Vuitton Airplane bag.

Designed by Virgil Abloh in 2021, it has became even more popular since Chris Brown has shown his off with this new “it bag”.

The plane-shaped bag by Louis Vuitton, made for the fall/winter 2021 season, has been trending since early April.
Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

How did the Louis Vuitton Airplane bag became an “it bag” within a few months ?

There is no rule about a new bag release becoming an it bag or not. Let’s be honest for a sec, this one looks so impractical and unnecessary. The large size makes it quite ridiculous to wear as an everyday bag. So the real question is: What am I supposed to do with a bag like this? Clearly impractical  to use as a carry-on when travelling commercially too. So that’s what makes it a “wanted” item! Don’t look for too much logic in the fashion world, you might lose your head.

This Louis Vuitton Airplane bag reminds me of the “Chiquito” bag by Simon Porte Jacquemus. Very little, clearly unnecessary but it still became a statement bag within a few months!

The airplane-shaped bag, went viral in 2021 shortly after its release of the Fall/Winter 2021 Louis Vuitton collection by Virgil Abloh.
The bag features the brand’s signature monogram pattern and has wings, engines, a tail and a nose so as to resemble an aircraft.

Quite funny when you actually take a moment to think about Louis Vuitton history and what is has been famous for: Louis Vuitton has long been synonymous with luxury travel thanks to its trunks, bags, and carry-ons that have been by the side of the wealthy and famous on their private jets for decades. Virgil Abloh, the brand’s men’s creative director, is now taking that travel meet luxury pairing to new heights with the airplane bag.

The meaning behind this the bag

Louis Vuitton airplane bag front details
Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag
Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

Fall/Winter 2021 was one of the last collection designed by Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton before his tragic death in November 2021 due to a rare form of cancer.

The plane, a symbol of boyhood, travel and imagination, figures heavily in Abloh’s latest collection. Men want also travel with style of course, but that’s not it.
Yes, this bag is most certainly whimsical and fun, however, the overall message behind Abloh’s fall/winter collection has a much deeper meaning for menswear.

This collection explores male archetypes and redefining the “male” uniform with his own take on suits, military jackets, and even cowboy hats.

Beyond the airplane, the collection explores “The New Normal” and put in question, what is really “normal” about? Especially after a year and half of worldwide pandemic.
This collection is an attempt to change minds and let go of old society archetypes. Playing around with menswear code is a way for Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh to reinvent mens uniform regardless their attributes.

Louis Vuitton Airplane bag monogram
Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag
Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

“A tourist is someone who’s eager to learn, who wants to see the Eiffel Tower when they come to Paris. The purist is the person who knows everything about everything. Fashion has the power to de-program these dress codes and impact possibilities.”

Virgil Abloh

How much does the Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag cost?

The price of the Louis Vuitton Airplane bag by Virgil Abloh is $39000.
It is actually more pricey than a real plane. You would even have money left over after buying a Cessna 150 for about $30000! although, this bag is still cheaper than the Birkin Bag from Hermès sold for half a millions dollars.

That’s another reason that makes this bag a statement: Yes, I could surely buy myself a real plane but why would I when you can wear it out everyday?!

Louis Vuitton Airplane bag shown at Virgil Abloh Fall Winter 2021 runaway
Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2021 collection

The crazy price is also a part of why the bag went viral that quickly! And, while this bag is most certainly for show, it does still have some function, as it comes with a zipper opening so the wearer can store a few goodies in the cockpit. Would you actually carry it out or simply play with it or even use it as a piece of art for your house? It’s completely up to you!

How many copies exist?

In the US, Chris Brown owns one. But what is $39000 in a bag when Chris Brown estimated net worth was $50 million in 2021.

Louis Vuitton airplane bag worn by Chris Brown
Chris Brown posing with his Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag
Photo Credit: Chris Brown
Instagram story from Chris Brown Instagram account.

Opposed to what Chris has been saying, he is not the only one who owns a Louis Vuitton Airplane bag, Marjorie Harvey owns one too!

You can shop all the items from the Louis Vuitton Travel Collection by Virgil Abloh just here.

Last but not least, you can’t deny the savoir-faire of the creator Virgil Abloh for his creative mind but also the art of fabrication of this masterpiece. The shape of this plane required talent and hours of work to give life to this bag.

I would be curious to know your thoughts about this Louis Vuitton Airplane bag. If you were gifted one by Louis Vuitton, how would you wear it? Let me know in the comment section or on Instagram @parlezvousvintage.

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