Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris: Is It Worth Visiting?

Yves Saint Laurent museum is located in Paris, where Yves’s atelier was: 5 Avenue Marceau, in the XVI’s arrondissements. Opened from Tuesday to Wednesday, you can discover the whole story behind YSL’s success. But is it worth seeing?

5 reasons to visit YSL temple in Paris

  • The feel of the place and the detail of his office.
    If there is something that a museum can give you is the context of creation of the artist. The Studio was my favorite part of the museum. This organized creative “mess” was wonderful. Seeing fabric samples, pencils and scissors.
  • Seeing the fabrics and the cut of the clothes from up close.
  • Meet other fashion lovers! Being in such a creative atmosphere makes you feel inspired (at least, for me!) and this easily engaged conversation with other haute couture lover which was amazing as the feel of the place bring everyone together around the same passion.

Preview in the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris

If you are heading to Paris and you have a passion for French Designer, it’s definitely worth going there. To be honest, I dragged my best friend out there but she wasn’t really keen on it! Fun fact, I have met two wonderful students in Fashion while visiting the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris and we got a chance to chat and exchanges different opinions and fun facts about Yves Saint Laurent creations.

How to access YSL museum in Paris?

  • Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm and 9pm on Saturdays.
  • The museum is located at 5 Avenue Marceau in Paris
  • You MUST book a ticket online on the official website
  • Visiting Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris cost 10€
  • The easiest way to access YSL museum is with the subway: line 9, stop at the station called “Alma-Marceau”, take the exit n°3 “Avenue du Président Wilson”

What’s the difference between Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris and the one located in Marrakesh?

The main difference between the museum in Paris and the one in Marrakesh is more about the feel of the place. The Museum in Paris was his main office, where all the creation process happened.

Instead, in Morocco, a place he discovered in 1966, he found peace and inspiration away from a busy Parisian night life that him and his partner Pierre Bergé were living. Both museums opened at the exact same date in June 2017. His creative spirit was at it finest when Yves was in Marrakesh. Pierre Bergé died only 3 months after the opening of the two museums.

Photo credit: Marie Claire
Photo credit: Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakesh

What to do after visiting the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris?

After being amazed by YSL creations, you should keep exploring the iconic French designers past by visiting another amazing museum near by: Galerie Dior located only a few blocs away.

If you are looking for more about Yves Saint Laurent style and collection personal touch I would recommend the official Yves Saint Laurent catwalk collection book. This beautiful volume features YSL collection from 1962 from 2002.

The first compréhensive overview of YSL’s magnificent haute couture collections, from the opening of his house in 1962 to his retirement in 2002, presented through original catwalk photography.

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